March 27, 2011

Chelsea & Gracie

I just got back from visiting with family in Virginia.  My aunt and I wanted to do a photo shoot with her nieces, which are my cousins!!  They are just ADORABLE!!  We had so much fun  with their outfits (good job Danielle) and the girls were troopers.  Linda actually had to bribe them and tell them we would take them bowling if they let us take their photos.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Yes, we took them bowling and have a blast!

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March 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It's funny how much you do miss home.  No matter how much we love vacation and getting away it is always nice to come back to the home you love and share together as a family.  Upon arriving in Michigan we were welcomed with cold and snowy weather and of course there is an ice storm a brewing for the morning.  Glad to be back, but not looking forward to this weather again. 

Now back to packing for my next trip tomorrow to Virginia and looking forward to spending time with my family there.  I am really blessed to have a job where I can travel and get to see family at the same time!
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March 21, 2011

Last day in Florida

Tonight is our last night in Florida :(  My husband and I have had an amazing time together.  We spent all week just enjoying each others company, shelling, looking for that BIG shark tooth and enjoying the ocean.  We love the Gulf side and have really enjoyed Venice, Sarasota and Sharky's.  Our mind is definately made up that we will be retiring in Florida.  We were also able to meet up with some dear friends while in Florida which was really nice.  This was overall just a wonderful week for my husband and I to enjoy each other.  Loved it!!

Our shark teeth adventure, we weren't sure what this was???
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March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011

Well the last couple of days have been just wonderful here in Florida.  Yesterday we spent the day with some good friends and took a lovely boat ride to watch the sunset.  Absolutely beautiful, photo attached of course.  We saw dolphin, manatee, a live starfish, found shark teeth and lots of shells of course.  Today, my husband found a live clam about the size of a softball and it was alive so we put it back in the ocean.  As my husbands say, "Take what the earth gives you, but do not take from the earth."  I swear he should write for Hallmark.  Enjoy some of today's photos.

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March 16, 2011

Sunny Florida

Today was our first day in Florida and I have definately made up my mind this is where I want to retire.  I love Florida, that's all there is to say.  Here are a few nice shots I was able to capture today.  As my husband and I were shooting on the beach we met a fellow photographer and his family.  A very nice couple and son who take photos together as well as professionally.  The son made Shutterbug's front cover and he is only 14yrs old, pretty neat.  I'm looking forward to contacting him for some networking!!

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March 13, 2011

Photography Club

I've been wanting for some time to join a photography club in my local area.  As crazy as this sounds I'm actually thinking about starting my own and getting with friends and family that might be interested in gathering once a month to talk photography.  My idea is to start with a meeting at my house to discuss who might be interested, monthly topics/challenges, and ideas to learn from each other. 

Keeping it informal, interesting and an opportunity to learn is my goal. I have to do some more research on the topic, but I will keep you updated on my progress.
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March 12, 2011

What to do today?

I've cleaned my camera lenses, cleaned out the camera bag and even found a few things I forgot I had, yeah!!  So I wanted to take a photo with my new clean lens, but what to photograph today.  As I was pondering this thought I saw in the distance the beautiful stained glass piece my hubby made.  This is truly one hobby we love doing together.  My husband made me a craft room a few years back and I have an area set up specificially for stained glass; grinder and all!  This is only the third piece he has made and I am so proud of him, he really did do a great job!  I am fascinated with dolphins so this piece is even more special.

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March 11, 2011

To Mr. & Mrs. Halem

Awhile back I took a drive down to the old neighborhood where I grew up.  I couldn't help but notice the church that my sister & I went to as kids was still there.  I won't say how long ago it was, but if I remember correctly we were about 8yrs old when we attended.

My parents never really attended church, not that they didn't believe in God we just didn't go to church.  There was this older couple that lived down the street from us and I remember how sweet and kind they were to us kids in the neighborhood.  One day they asked me and my sister if we would like to go to Sunday school with them.  After my parents approval we went and it must have made an impact on me at an early age because I do remember those times.  They were the first ones to really introduce us to the church and God's teachings. 

So I dedicate this photo to Mr. & Mrs. Halem.  I now know that they were trying to bring the little children of their neighborhood to Christ.

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My new adventure...a new blog

Yes, I am starting a new blog today.  My photo of the day challenge is about to end and I wanted to embark on a new adventure relating to my photography and my love to journal  My plan is to not only to share photos on this blog, but to also share many tips that I've researched along the way including Marketing, Customer Service and other tips.  Possibly some interviews with photographers that have inspired me, mmmm!! 

Who knows what this new blog will bring my way.  We shall see.
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