December 22, 2012

"We Wash You a Merry Christmas"

Those of you that know me, know that I'm addicted to Pinterest (amongst other things)!  I made these cute little gifts for my neighbors and I must say they turned out adorable. 

First: Made glass ornaments with acrylic paint inside with a silk ribbon to hang them.
Second: Purchased soaps from Bath & Body Works
Third: Made tags from my Cricket maching which say We "wash" you a Merry Christmas
Last but not least: Placed in clear bag and tied with pretty ribbon.

I will be deliverying these on Christmas Eve to their porches as a little way to say Merry Christmas for such great neighbors.  I always like to do something each  year for them and Pinterest just makes it so much easier to come up with some unique ideas.

Thank you to the following two blogs that helped me achieve success on my project!

Credit due to: and

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December 5, 2012

My Journey Continues

I have been on a journey to learn as much as I can and always have a back up plan.  My full time career as a Learning & Development Consultant with a Fortune 500 Company is truly a blessing for me.  Besides my passion for photography I have a passion and yearning for Leadership Development.  I have always invested in self-help books, Leadership books and Seminars/Webinars to continue to help me grow.  It hasn't been until recently that my journey has taken a new route!  I am now in the process of becoming a John C. Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer and I am soooooo excited!  I'll be traveling to Florida in Feb to meet him in person and receive my certification, did I mention I was soooooo excited!

My passion is to help others become leaders not only in their professional life but also in their personal life.  Remember, we don't need to be in a leadership role to be considered a leader AND you CAN learn to be a leader.  As I travel along this road I will be incorporating some of my learnings into my photography business as well in hopes that some of you may be able to use the knowledge to help build your business and become a better YOU!

Till then....
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