November 24, 2012

Fa La La.....

I LOVE the Christmas season!!!!  So what is it that I love about it:
1.  Christ our Savior was born
2.  Love the giving spirit everyone has
3.  Love the family time and making traditions together
4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas music
5. LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating my home
6. Love everything the season is about

One thing that I find as I get older is that each year I decide to cut down on my decorating.  I think I will always do a tree and fireplace mantle(as long as I have a fireplace) but the banister is something I can see me not doing as I get older (many more years to come of course)!

My tradition is to alway decorate the weekend of Thanksgiving.  We get all the kids together and go as a family to cut down a real tree and I love it!!!  What is your tradition for Christmas?

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November 18, 2012

Blessed Little One

I have been such a slacker, really over a month since I posted to my blog!  So much has been going on, if you are a frequent visitor to my blog I apologize.  I do keep up my facebook photography page daily so you'd think I would have a problem with my blog. 

Anyways, my third and youngest grandson, Bryson, was baptized!  I still can't believe I have three grandchildren and as I sat and took it all in I couldn't help but remember my son, Jeremy when he was that little.  Life truly does come full circle and enjoy everyday that you can before it passes you by.

My son has come such a long way on his journey and I am so very proud of him, he is a great father and I know that God has some great plans for him.

The Thompson Clan from left: Harold & Pat (Jeremy's grandparents) Tiffany, Jeremy & Bryson, Jill & Tony (Jeremy's dad) and of course Aidan, big brother to Bryson!

The Gronley Clan
From left: Margo(Jeremy's grandma, my mommy) Me, Tiffany, Bryson, Jeremy and Melanie and Megan (Jeremy's step-sisters) Missing from photo: my wonderful husband Mike, he had to work :(

Jeremy & Tiffany, proud parents!
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