March 11, 2011

To Mr. & Mrs. Halem

Awhile back I took a drive down to the old neighborhood where I grew up.  I couldn't help but notice the church that my sister & I went to as kids was still there.  I won't say how long ago it was, but if I remember correctly we were about 8yrs old when we attended.

My parents never really attended church, not that they didn't believe in God we just didn't go to church.  There was this older couple that lived down the street from us and I remember how sweet and kind they were to us kids in the neighborhood.  One day they asked me and my sister if we would like to go to Sunday school with them.  After my parents approval we went and it must have made an impact on me at an early age because I do remember those times.  They were the first ones to really introduce us to the church and God's teachings. 

So I dedicate this photo to Mr. & Mrs. Halem.  I now know that they were trying to bring the little children of their neighborhood to Christ.

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ThePhotoPhreak said...

very cool - love the new blog - i am thinking about starting one next week on my b-day - i love my 365 project so much i need to do something again this year - I am just writing off last year as a bad year period.