April 12, 2011

Sunday was a great day for me.  I have really been missing my son, Jeremy and yesterday he went fishing with Mike. Tiffany, Aidan and I spent the day together until they got home.  We then had a family BBQ and really had a great time.  I find that as I get older and Jeremy gets older I miss more and more of those special times as mother and son.  Life has been very challenging for both of us and I know in my heart that God has a plan so I MUST place all my trust in Him.  Lately I have felt as if I was going to come crumbling down and I need to remember that it will all be ok!  It's so funny...no matter how old your children are you always worry about them.  So Sunday was a nice day for me to help replenish my spirit and yet today brings more trials, but IT WILL BE OK!
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