July 20, 2011

Photography Club 1st Meet & Greet

You ever get so excited that you just can't stand to sit still? That's how I am right now!  A few months ago my dear friend, Claudette & I decided to start a photography club.  We had our first meeting today.  There were a total of five of us and our vision is that the club will continue to grow.  We selected our club name, "That's When I Snapped Photography Club." Our focus today was getting to know each other, find out what type of camera we all used, discussed our newsletter, field trips and much more.  Our next club meeting is in August and we are so excited on what this new adventure is going to bring.  Of course I had my camera set up on the tripod to take a group shot and I forgot with all the excitement! 

We will be creating a Facebook page to share all of our wonderful ideas, journeys and of course PHOTOS!  Stay tuned....
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