February 26, 2012

Before & After

Pinterest is the new rage and I am always looking for new DIY ideas.  One of my pet peeve's has been with our decorative pillows in the bedroom.  Every night I have to throw them on the floor and I wanted a seat bench for the end of the bed to place them on, but I didn't want to spend alot of money.  So I thought I'd check Pinterest.  Low & behold I found an idea of taking an old coffee table and turning into a seat bench.  Thank you to the hubby for helping me with the project, love when we do projects together!

Here's the breakdown of the cost and what I did:
Table - $10 second hand store (thanks Claudette for finding & picking it up for me)
Foam - $12
Upholstery Pins - $1.99
Fabric - $7 (on clearance; originally $29.99/yd. Love these kind of finds)
Paint - $4
Total Cost to make: appx $35.00

How we did it:
1. Painted the legs with a can of glossy brown spray paint
2. Glued the foam to the top of the table
3. Measured fabric and stapled to bottom of table
4. Attached the fabric pins




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