April 6, 2012

Where is Yogi the Bear?

We were fortunate enough to take a small vacation to TN.  One of my absolute favorite spots is the Smokey Mountains and Cades Cove.  This time we took along my two step-daughters in hopes that they might get the chance to see a black bear in the wild.  Well, the mountains didn't let me down, we did spot one bear (photo isn't the greatest). 

Our oldest enjoyed the hunt for bear, while the youngest listened to her Ipod in the car and continued to let us know how bored she was. LOL!  A few of my fav photos below.

Vultures drying their wings

Black Bear just outside of Cades Cove

My step-daughter actually took this of me doing what I love to do best!
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1 comment:

Claudette said...

My favorite one is the waterfall and rocks. what part of Tennessee were you visiting?