July 25, 2012

Pond or Pergola?

My husband and I have an agreement that each year we will do one major project in our backyard.  Last year it was a new shed to free up some space in the garage.  This year it was going to be a pond that my husband was going to build himself with fresh water plants, fish, etc.  So away we go to the local Lowe's Store to look at purchasing our pond.  As my husband is determining how many landscaping bricks to buy I detered over to the patio sets to take a seat and relax (not that I really needed to relax)!

Ahhh, the comfort of a plush cushion in a beautiful grass green color underneath a Pergola set.  Mmmmm, I thought, this would look really nice in our yard.  So my husband approaches and says, "wow that is nice."  As he proceeds to sit down we both look at each other and say, "do we want this or the pond?"

Well, this was our decision and we are absolutely loving it!  Next years project is adding on to our patio for the Pergola set, oh yeah and the pond!

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