June 13, 2012

Golden Girl

So here is the story, there is this vacant yellow house with green shutters that I drive by daily.  Each time I say to myself, "I need to get a photo in front of that house."  The other day the lighting was just right and my daughter was in the most adorable outfit for work. So....as she was walking in the door I said, "you need to be my model today."  Of course, she didn't hesitate and wanted to know when we were leaving.

I shot this with my 50mm and used the gold reflector to give me that golden and warm look that I was wanting.  I couldn't be more happy with these photos.  I was only going to post one, but I love them all so all 7 are getting posted!

I am now on the lookout for some other cool places to shoot at.  What cool places have you found during your adventures?

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