August 22, 2012

Welcome Baby Bryson!

What a miracle child birth is!  My son and daughter-in-law were expecting their baby on October 15th, well the little stinker decided he didn't want to wait.  Tiffany and Jeremy delivered a beautiful little boy yesterday. He is two months early and is having some difficulties. He is on a ventilator and has fluid in the lungs but they were able to stabilize his sugar levels, amen!  Since mom had gestational diabetes Bryson is actually larger than he should be.  The doctor was explaining to us that anytime a mom has diabetes that the baby will put on weight quick, unfortunately his little organs are not ready yet!  That is where the miracles of doctors come in to help him breathe and become more healthy.

I have faith that God will continue to provide for him and Bryson will be able to go home as soon as he can breathe better and that nasty fluid goes away!  Bryson comes from strong genes and he is a trooper.  Mom and dad are seeing him right now and I'm anxiously awaiting my turn since only one visitor can go in with him. We weren't able to see him yesterday so my little visit with him can't come fast enough. Please continue to pray for Bryson health and for Jeremy and Tiff that they find comfort in knowing that the Lord will provide and protect our little guy.

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